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“Zombie Babies”
"Kaylee Williams (Leah) stands out as the expecting “Expendable” who ends up kicking some baby ass. Her innocent and sexy look made her perfect for the role of Leah, the once meek now kick-ass heroine." --- Scott Shoyer,

“Porkchop II: Rise of the Rind”
"But best of all is that we get to see indie horror queen Kaylee Williams naked. Don’t mean to be a perv, but yowza!! Williams was also in ZOMBIE BABIES and she has this very innocent yet dangerous look about her. She’s gorgeous.....All I’m saying is to take advantage of being able to see this beauty au naturale." ---

“The Many Monsters of Sarah Roth”
"Kaylee Williams is as charming as always in the film, which makes her character very likable despite her lack of grip on reality. She was the perfect choice for the role of Sarah." ---

“Psycho Street”
"(T)he real surprise here is Kaylee Williams. I've never seen any of her stuff and in this she gives a very convincing, very harrowing performance....She had to probably go (to) some pretty messed up places mentally to pull that off and she does it swimmingly....I'm pretty anxious to see what she's got comin' next." --- Thomas Gleba,

"Incredibly sick performances by the entire cast (particularly Kaylee Williams)" --- Thomas Gleba

"Chicago based actress, the lovely Kaylee Williams, is on the rise, and her performance in "PSYCHO STREET" is brutal, emotional and spine-tingling..." --- Marv Blauvelt

"Kaylee Williams took a VERY difficult role (both physically and emotionally) and definitely made it her own....her scenes are raw and brutal, and would have been difficult for any actress....And her scenes with Jared Degado are amazing natural and quite beautiful (in a very TWISTED "PSYCHO STREET" kind of way!!)" --- Marv Blauvelt

"This is the third film I’ve seen with Kaylee Williams in it in the last month and I’m wondering why we’re not seeing more of her!! She’s a natural genre actress who has a great scream, is sexy as hell, and has the acting chops to bring it all together." --- Scott Shoyer,

“The standout actress in this one though was Kaylee Williams. She does great as the vulnerable girl….but she goes from vulnerable to evil like that (snaps fingers)….She really stands out in this story.” --- Mark Krawczyk (referring to the “Anti-Bodies” segment)

"The performances are good, with Kaylee Williams the definite stand out. Her role requires several switches of personality so I think they picked the right indie scream queen to play Aimee here." --- Mark B, Hacked In The Head Reviews (referring to the "Anti-Bodies" segment)

“Porkchop 3D”
"As far as characters go, we have the welcome return of Kaylee Williams as previously abducted character 'Heather'.....Kaylee really steals the show in this entry and her character quite rightfully wants justice for the awful acts committed against her.....Definitely a standout performance." --- Mark B, Hacked in the Head Reviews

“III Slices of Life”
"I did enjoy some of the performances of the actors, most notably Kaylee Williams who plays the clerk in the wrap around sequences at a hotel where characters from the short stories check into. And that is where my one lone star stands!" ---

"Slices of Life is an anthology film that centers on an odd girl, played superbly by Kaylee Williams, who works a front desk at a quirky roadside motel." --- Marc Patterson,

"Focusing on three stories (Work Life, Home Life and Sex Life) with a genuinely intriguing wrap around story (featuring a very sweet and vulnerable Kaylee Williams) the film far exceeds expectations considering its very low budget." ---

"The acting is another bonus here, the entire cast did a terrific job at playing their roles, Kaylee Williams who play's Mira, a young lady whose sketches come to life, Kaylee is a beautiful and talent(ed) young actress who I see going places." ---

"The Lashman"

"It's a performance (by Kaylee Williams) that is ballsy, sexy and full of wit....and my god can she scream...." --- Stuart Anderson, The Fifth Dimension

"She (Kaylee Williams) was outstanding...I thought she was great." --- It's A Man's World Podcast

Performance Reviews

"The Empire Brings Sexy Back: A Star Wars Burlesque Sequel"
-- "(Kaylee Williams) portrayed Princess Leia with such grace, style, and sophistication, that it rivaled Carrie Fisher's performance from the original trilogy, not to mention she was breathtakingly beautiful." --- Darth Danno, Creature (

-- "(Kaylee is) the first person to do Leia better than Fisher. And that is not said lightly, because I loved Fisher as Leia." --- David M. Merchant

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